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Baby cute blogger template, a cute theme especially for baby blog. You also can use this for baby clothes online shop



{ Jhari } said...

Hi there,

I'm currently using these theme under Blogger platform. But the one that I have is only 2 columns. Could you help me please set it up for 3 column theme? Please?


Bie said...

@jhari:re-download it. and upload again. there's two version, and this is the latest version from original designer

{ Jhari } said...

OMG! Thanks so much for the tip ;)

Bie said...

@jhari: your'e welcome

CaTtRiN said...


Anonymous said...

hi there,

love your template and wanted to use it for my blog using blogger. however, faced couple of problems.

when uploaded template,

a) i tried to edit the menubar to show tabs like, home, faq, contact me etc. but it doesnt open up and show a page where i can put in contents for each tab.

b) the menubar tabs, eg, home, contact me, faq etc are not aligned in a straight line. some tabs are higher than the rest.

c) the title description (the cloud where it shows the title) is not editable, could not change fonts, colour and align it to centre of cloud

hope to hear from you soon as im new to blogging and know nothing about the xml codes etc.


from J.

Bie said...

hi, could you give you blog URL, you should edit it through Layout>Edit HTML
a. find "Edit" text, im sure you'll get it. and change to your own URL
b. hmm i dont get about this
c. Open edit html, then edit header section

Anonymous said...

hi bie,

for b), what i meant was :

1. i do not have " add a page element" under add and arrange page elements in layout.

2. does this mean that i could not edit my menu tabs to put in contents due to 1. ?

eg, Home, Products, FAQ, Contact us

when I click them, cannot input contents under each tab.

im new to this, so had hard time trying to make my blog work. =(

blog address :

from J.

Bie said...

<div id='NavbarMenuleft'>
<ul id='nav'>
you should edit through Layout>Edit HTML
then find these code
Change edit to your own text and change your own url

<li><a href=''>Home</a></li>
<a href=''>Edit</a>
<li><a href=''>Edit</a></li>
<li><a href=''>Edit</a></li>


Lucinda said...

Hi Bie, Awesome design, I like it very much, job well done. But I encountered some problem here where the last post always display garbage..For for example in the last post, last 2 lines. i.e "..Say cheese" & the dotted line actually is from the last post which is a garbage. Please help how can I remove it ?


Su said...

Hi Bie,
Thanks for your great design. I encounter some problem. I try to add Label and Blog Archive but it doesnt appear when I view the blog but the rest of widget is ok. please help.. tq

Bie said...

of course, you dont have any post... just write your post

Anonymous said...

Hi Bie,
I have just join you today.
I have a question for you.
I had download your free food and cooking templet for my but unfortunately i did not save my profile setting and some other settings to add to your do i go about to get all that in?
I am new and not so good at this...thanking you inadvance.....i was so coptivated with your templet that i missed all these.please help to advise...

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