Girly Diaries

Girly Diaries, such a beautiful template with pink flower ornament at header. Suitable for girly diaries blog

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I downloaded the file but I got this message: "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed". What should I do? Thank you in advance...!

Bie said...

@anonym: i will check it, but for this time, you can visit author site

chip said...

Dear Author

I like the design & already use it @ blogspot, but how can i changed the font color? I've tried using the layout, font & color edit function, but it won't change. Please help

Thank you

Bie said...

@chip: you should edit it manually through Edit HTML
find color, and change to your own HTML color code

chip said...

i did it. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

how can i download? pls help..

coz whenever i click download there's an error. xml cant be displayed.


Sue`Zhaila said... to use.. aA

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