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Template name : VideoBox

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Template features : Wordpress Look, 4 Columns, Right Sidebar, 4 Columns Footer, Portfolio, Featured Video Slider, Fixed Width, Wood Background, Dropdown Menu, Header Banner, Page Navigation Widget.

Configure Featured Video Slider:
Login to blogger dashboard --> layout --> Edit HTML. Now scroll down to where you see the codes below:
  • <ul class='slides'>
     <li class='item'>
     <p><iframe frameborder='0' height='315' src='' width='560'/></p>
    <ul class='thumbs pagination'>
     <li><span class='youtube-temp'/>
     <span class='hover-bg'/>
     <a class='title' href='#' rel='0'>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</a>
     <a class='link' href='#'/>
  • "#" with your featured video URL.
  • "" with your youtube video URL.

Configure Dropdown Menu:
Login to blogger dashboard --> layout --> Edit HTML. Now scroll down to where you see the codes below:
  • <nav class='primary'>
    <ul class='sf-menu' id='topnav'>
     <li><a href='#'><span class='right'>Home</span></a></li>
     <li><a href='#'><span class='right'>Portfolio</span></a>
    <ul class='sub-menu'>
     <li><a href='#'><span class='right'>Portfolio 1 col</span></a></li>
Replace "#" with your menu item URL.

Configure Page Navigation Widget:
search for:
  • var posts=9, // Number of posts in each page
        num=2, // Number of buttons will display


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